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Purchases for Prosperity 

While P4P primarily focuses on Recruitment our strong relationships and trust our clients have in us have also gotten us to venture into the acquisition consulting to help our clients reach their objectives.  
Business Meeting


Our dedicated acquisition division, purchases for prosperity, has its own dedicated team members that consults in niche health care markets. We are very selective of our buyers and when we approach a seller, it's only after they have worked with us numerous times and have demonstrated a high level of acquisition savviness or have deposited at least 50% of the approximate purchase price into one of our approved funds to assure that when we say they are serious, they are as serious as you can get.


We have become notorious in making things happen. Working with a team of professionals allows our transactions to move quicker with unmatched confidentiality. We have become knows to our clients as the no nonsense team. It’s either we have a deal or it was nice talking.


Let’s schedule a call and see what we can do for you!
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