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But aren’t recruitment agencies expensive?

> While recruitment agencies can seem expensive, when you calculate the operational time spent on trying to find the right candidate, you lose out on proper delegating; time is money. 


We take off expenses of an in-house recruitment team while saving hours of time delegated on filling positions through job placements searching and sites. Check out our detailed chart to learn more!

Can’t I just do the recruitment by myself?

> You can, but when you do it yourself,  you’re using valuable time that could be spent building your business and growing your company. That’s real opportunity cost!

We’re deeply familiar with the different healthcare sectors and its needs, but we also have access to unique pools of talent. 

Where are you located?

> We are located in New York and serve the entire state. Look out for more locations soon!

I’m looking to staff highly specific jobs in healthcare and mass placement. Can you help with that?

> Absolutely. We help you find the staff you need even in the most niche of jobs and do a mass placement as well.
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