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Build the most 
effective team possible

Scale your business with people who help you get there. Recruitment, talent sourcing and staffing — exclusively focused on the healthcare market

Finding the dream job is hard. Finding the ideal candidate is harder. And in the Healthcare market, it's even more competitive. 

74%  Employers admit to hiring the wrong person*
69% Companies in the US report worker shortages
40% Business owners spend endless working hours on hiring

Young Doctor

It’s a candidates’ job market. But what happens if you can't reach the best candidates?

Which means you spend more time searching, more money wasted on ineffective methods, and a lack of ideal candidates showing up. Until now!

The good

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, which will account for 2.3 million job openings by 2026.

The truth

The healthcare market is growing but the talent pool is decreasing. There’s a need for healthcare workers, but a shortage of talent to fill demand.
Eliminate hiring headaches while reducing costs.
Through industry knowledge of the nuances of healthcare, our team scours, sources and secures your ideal candidates for the positions you need to fill.

You’ll get access to untapped talent pools and the highest quality candidates using enhanced search, closed-market networks and robust portfolios.

They’ve taken all the stress off our shoulders

Over the course of a year, we were in need of many additional staff from an Intake Director, HR Director, Director of Patient Services, as well as other positions.  One person who helped me fill my open roles time and time again was Marc from P4P. P4P’s help in filling these roles has taken a load of stress off of us and helped us focus on the growth of the company.

Sofia Y, President, Boulevard Home Care Associates

Does the perfect candidate exist? The perfect recruiter does (and finds you the perfect fit)

Scale your business with talent


Your company is staffed with top talent so you can work efficiently and scale with your growth. No more running after candidates and worrying about filling open positions. We take care of that for you, from C-Suite to multi-hire campaigns.

Without P4P I would have never found my new career opportunity. I was on a job search for a great ending scenario and arrived at dead ends.  P4P bulldozed through those dead ends and helped me get an interview with Elite Home Healthcare.  The rest is history.   Angel Arroyo, Marketing Manager, Elite Home Care

Image by Hunters Race
Premium without a price tag

Get new hires fast with custom payment plans that work around your needs. Tapping into our private network of talent,

our strategists coupled with our insider connections source premium talent at a fraction of the price that comes with expensive HR teams.

“If it weren't for Marc connecting me to the Home Care Industry, I would not be where I am today, overseeing a multi-state Home Care operation. He got me several interviews, including my very first job in home care, and he helped me land my current role. Now I count on him for all of our recruiting needs.

Moshe Lerer, Regional Administrator, Four Seasons Home Care

Stress free and white glove

Finding the right candidate can be tricky. We take the stress off your shoulders and bring you white-glove service. You get transparency, ease, and comfort because you’re being taken care of by those who care about your company, understand the nuances of your businesses, and have the connections to find you a great fit... for even your hardest fit.

“We were looking for a broad number of specific hires and were having a hard time locating what we needed. P4P provided us our key staff and were on target with all of our hires!  From mid-level to upper management, it was an easy  experience and I highly recommend.”


B. Kahan, COO, Harbor Care

Get your agency staffed ASAP 
Here's how it works:


Initial Consultation >>> Agreement

Our initial phone meeting double-checks that we’re a good fit. Once the screening call is complete, we’ll create a unique plan for you.


Sourcing >>> Interviewing

We leverage our resources to narrow down a select candidate pool, creating interviews and custom questionnaires for the candidate.


Discovery Session >>> Business Overview

We’ll meet to discuss your hiring needs and dive into job descriptions, discussing specific requirements and any other relevant information and criteria.


Negotiation >>> Agreement

You’re briefed on potential talent while we take care of the negotiations and anything else needed to create an exceptional experience.

Go beyond Glassdoor

But how much is it REALLY costing you? 

$       In-house recruitment team

$       HR costs

$       Print ads and periodicals

$       Google and Facebook ads

$       Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Indeed

$       Background checks

$       Turnover costs








Take the hassle and extra costs off your hands. Save up to $7,300 per candidate and fruitless hours while getting exceptional talent through custom payment plans that work for you. 

Still Unsure? Here’s what you get

  • Status updates
  •  Posting on closed market job boards
  •  Carefully sourced portfolios
  •  5x select candidates through 3D research
  •  Executive level and industry insider know-how
  •  Consultation and strategy to bring direction 
  •  Candidate prescreens and interviews 
  •  Niched markets and trained candidate assessments
  • Hyper-focused background checks into prospective talent
  • Time retrieved to scale your business 
  • Less stress and a headache-free hiring system
  • Job positions filled with selective talent 
Accelerate the hiring process, 
Source from exceptional candidates and 

Create your dream team!

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